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Hi, small business Angeleños. Right now, people like you are having a really hard time. Distancing, digitizing, salaries, facemasks, online-orders,’s overwhelming.

We can help. Get a hand from us, for free.

We’re a group of LA-based designers, developers, marketers, writers, directors, photographers and business leaders. The kind of people giant companies hire to make big things. We want to help you, and we want to do it for free.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. You send us a message explaining the kind of help you need
  2. Our team reviews it to see if you are a good fit
  3. We pair you with a skilled volunteer for the job
  4. We spend up to five (5) days doing our best to give you a hand
  5. Give us feedback on your experience so we can better help others

Here’s who is eligible.

Small businesses, Individuals, and Non-Profits who: 
  • Are impacted by COVID 
  • Are making changes because of COVID

Things we can help with.

  • Design, logos, packaging
  • Websites and e-commerce integration assistance (i.e. Shopify, Square)
  • Copywriting and branding
  • Marketing, digital ads, and public relations
  • Business strategy, growth strategy, rethinking your business plan

Click here to get a hand. 🙋🏽‍♀️
Sorry, sign ups are currently closed

We’re doing this because we can.

We have enough toilet paper, are serious about shelter-in-place, and are basically bored at home feeling helpless. Meanwhile, people less fortunate than us who rely on social activity to sustain their livelihood could use some of our skills to adapt to this crisis. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

Some big businesses we have helped before.

Apple, Google, Beats, Lime, Medicare, Hulu, Fox, Kia, Unity3D, JPL, Gartner, Capital One, ChowNow, ZipRecruiter, SAP, RedBull, BCG Digital Ventures, Hyundai, Lonely Planet, Fender, UCSF, NBCU, JDPower, Target, Lexus, Angel Soft, Nintendo, Taco Bell, Autotrader, Warner Bros, Loot Crate, Calvin Klein, Reddit, Chanel, Google Deepmind, Marriott, NBCU, Olay, Facebook, Blue Apron, Winc, MeUndies, Twitch, BBDO, DDB, Jung von Matt, McDonald’s, T-Mobile, Mercedes-Benz, Dollar Shave Club, Ritual, Vice, sweetgreen, Philosophie, Westfield, Abbott, Genentech, Intuit, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, Apple, Intel, Cisco, MGM Resorts, Ustwo, Telia, Unacast, Iterate, Safecast, Danfoss, Hitlist, Amazon, Hulu, Huge, Chiat/Day, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Guggenheim, General Assembly, United Nations, Capital One, Lululemon, Target, Bank of America, UCSF, Google, Facebook, Brandless, Gucci, Zumba, Walt Disney Imagineering, Cornell University Robotics & more.

Can you help? Click here to give a hand. 🙌🏽
Sorry, sign ups are currently closed

Want to start a group for your city? Email us.

Some of the nice people volunteering with this.

Austin Beer, Alex Stapleton, Naseem Sayani, Vaidyanath (Vaidy), Jiaxi Zhang, Dan Rosenberg, Uday Singh, Rahul Surapaneni, Sarah Foelske, Jane Garza, Tonja Hughes, Sharif Matar, Eric Barrett, Ashkan Goshtasb, Martin Lang-Roman, Andreas Kadenbach, Roarke OBrien, Gabriel Stein, Patrick Meaney, Mark Progano, Amanda Kleiman, April Cho, Nick Alekhine, Sergey Maskalik, Ashwin Vaswani, Annie Hong, Sang Kim, Carolina Groppa, Vikas Batra, Arpan Desai, Paul Thorstein Nylund, Swaroop Bhatt, Christopher Cebula, Jaclyn Hsiung, Nedda Amini, Howard Myint, Jordan Mann, Sean Reilly, Vanessa shanahan, Lakshmi Kalimireddi, Adrian Rudd, Phillips Grace, Sam Guan, Jan Dudzik, Priyanka Kompella, Danielle Dayto, Cat Schoenfeld, Alivia Duran, & Jen Tank Christopher Paprocki, Halimatu Bakarr, Kathleen Cahill, Theint Tharaphy, Austin Simpkins, Erin Sterchi, Meena Trichur, Tanya Zhang, Narek Khachatryan, Ash Edmonds, Jovin Cronin-Wilesmith, Haley Sproull, Greg Monterrosa, Ambrosio Ballon, Gary Livingston, Stefanie Davis, Casey Marie Crowe, Shen DeShayne, Angela Yoo, Erin Brennan, Robert Augustine, Mims Wright, Dexter Shepherd, Bruce Hyslop, Greg Allen (First and Third), Kaitlin McCann, Manny Colindres, Selena Jiang, Kate Eberle,
Myles Allen, Murali Kadambala, Kanad Basu, Jayesh Patel, Farrah Au-Yeung, Johnatas Montezuma, Imogen Smith, Mark Moll, Moshe Shmuel, Maria Roig-Gironella, & Matthew Roth.